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President’s Message

We, the Indian weed science community are excited about the upcoming 25th APWSS Conference being organized by the Indian Society of Weed Science (ISWS) during 13-16 October, 2015 in Hyderabad, India. India is hosting this Conference only for the second time - the first one was held way back in 1981. The conference is based on the theme “Weed Science for Sustainable Agriculture, Environment and Biodiversity”. Over a dozen eminent weed scientists from around the world will be speaking on subjects of topical interest covering the recent advances in weed science. Over 500 weed scientists including over a hundred are expected to participate in this mega event. Students and research scholars are being encouraged to attend the conference by offering them with special discounted registration fee. Similar discount has also been offered for participants from SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) countries. Another highlight of the Conference is the special publication that has been proposed to be brought out to commemorate the 25 years of APWSS. This special semi-technical silver jubilee publication is expected to document the current status weed science in the Asia Pacific region. Well renowned weed scientists from each country have volunteered to contribute to this publication that will be edited by a team of experts. Hyderabad- the venue of the Conference is a major metropolis located in south central part of India. It is a city known for its rich history, culture, cuisine and monuments. Hyderabad is also a modern city housing major IT companies, shopping malls and educational institutions. The organizing committee is making all out efforts to make this event a truly memorable one. I appeal all interested weed scientists to participate in the Conference. Please visit www.apwss.org or www.isws.org.in for further information.

N.T. Yaduraju

President, ISWS         

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Vol. 46 (2), April-June, 2014

Vol. 46 (1), Jan-March, 2014
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Second Circular - 25th APWSS Conference 2015 - Download
ISWS Election Results- 2015-16

Dear All,

We have completed the ISWS election process today by final counting of votes at DWR Jabalpur. The ballot papers were separated from signature slips by contract employees (non members) and there were not any DWR officials / ISWS members including me was allowed to see any slips, to maintain complete confidentiality of esteemed members. The counting of votes was done in the presence of Dr. Anil Dixit, Dr. P.K. Singh, Dr. M.L. Kevat, Dr. C. Kannan, Dr. Bhumesh Kumar & Dr. Shobha Sondhia.

The final summary of results was prepared by Dr A.R. Sharma and duly signed by all the members present during the process. You may see the glimpses of entire process. I am pleased to announce that Dr N.T. Yaduraju has been elected as President and Dr C. Chinnusamy as Vice President for the executive council of ISWS. The officials of final executive council for the period 2015-16 will be as under.

S.N. Position Name
1 President Dr. N.T. Yaduraju
2 Vice President Dr. C. Chinnvsamy
3 Joint Secretary Dr. Prashant S. Bodake
4 Secretary Dr. A.R. Sharma
5 Treasurer Dr. Shobha Sondhia

I am grateful to Dr. A.R. Sharma, Director DWR and Secretary ISWS for providing all necessary help and especially a team of contract employee/SRF for separating the signature slips from ballot papers. I truly appreciate hard work and efforts made by entire team for completing this mammoth task. I also thank all the members including Dr. Anil Dixit, Dr. P.K. Singh, Dr. M.L. Kevat, Dr. C. Kannan, Dr. Bhumesh Kumar & Dr. Shobha Sondhia for their kind presence and help in counting process in a very transparent manner. Last but not the least I thanks all the esteemed members for casting their votes. I have handed over all the documents to Dr A.R. Sharma for their record and any future reference.

Best Regards

Dev Raj Arya
, PhD (Returning Officer)
Director Corporate Affair Operations
Monsanto India Ltd, 5th Floor, Ahura Center,
B Wing, Mahakali Caves Road, Andheri (East) Mumbai- 400093
Phone (M.) -91-9004390061, E-mail: devraj.arya@monsanto.com


  • ISWS Election Results - 2015-16
  • ISWS Newsletter - July-December, 2014
  • Proceedings of ISWS, Executive Committee Meeting held on 10 October, 2014 at PJTSAU, Hyderabad

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