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President’s Message

It is matter of great pride and honour to assume office of President, ISWS. I, on behalf of all the members of the Executive Council (EC) wish to thank ISWS fraternity for having chosen us to lead the society for the next two years. We want to record our indebtedness to the interim Council led by veteran Dr T V M

Belated New Year greetings to all ISWS members!!

uniyappa for having worked hard in bringing unity in the ISWS, for holding common elections and transferring the baton to the duly elected Council. As you are aware the last five years or so has been very difficult for the Society. Differences within the Society which could have been solved democratically led to a situation which is incomprehensible. It was quite but natural that the members felt alienated and cheated. A sense of indifference was there for all that was happening around. The Society suffered a big body blow. It was utterly shameful, to say the least. It is our priority to do everything possible to win the confidence of members and establish credibility both at national and international level. We promise to do this. And do it fast.

N.T. Yaduraju

President, ISWS              

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Vol. 45 (4), October-December, 2013

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