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ISWS Awards



Last date of receiving applications for all Awards to 30 November, 2019

Form available on the conference website, click the link

The Indian Society of Weed Science has instituted various awards for recognizing significant contributions of senior, middle level and young scientists to promote weed science research. These awards are presented biennially at the time of Biennial Conference organised by the Society. Nominations from the eligible life members of the Society are invited for the following categories of awards for the biennium 2018 and 2019.

General Guideline & Awardees list

General guideline

1.The awards are open to all the Indian Scientists who have worked or working in India or abroad, in the field of Weed Science subject to fulfilment of eligibility criteria laid down for the respective award.
2. The applicant must be Life Member of the Indian Society of Weed Science. (If any non-member wishes to apply, he/she should become a member before submission of application for the award).
3. No member of the Executive Committee (EC) shall be a member of the Judging Committee.
4. No member from the Executive Committee (EC) will be considered for ISWS awards during his/her EC term.
5. Executive Committee of the Indian Society of Weed Science (ISWS) shall appoint a Judging Committee of 3-5 eminent scientists for evaluation of 100%.
6. It may not be necessary to have a Separate Judging Committee for each ISWS Award. The EC may constitute one, two or more Judging Committees for recommending names for ISWS Awards.
7. The EC shall finalize and approve the names of ISWS awardees, whose decision shall be final and binding.
8. Evaluation for all the ISWS Awards shall be made based on score system developed for each award. The awards shall be given strictly on merit. However, minimum qualifying marks shall be 60 per cent in each case.
9. Only soft copy of award application with necessary attachment is required to submit through email on
10. Applicants are advised to attach only relevant documents for which marks are being claimed or wherever it has been asked in the application form to enable to judges to give marks accordingly. Attaching of non-asked documents will attract minus marking.
11. Last date of receipt of nominations is: 30 November, 2019. Nominations received after the due date will not be considered.

ISWS Life Time Achievement

This award has been instituted to honour weed scientists who have made outstanding professional contributions at the national level as evident from patents/technologies developed, published work and/or promoting the discipline of weed science. One award will be given in two years.


  • This award is mainly for the retired weed scientists to recognize and honor their contributions, who has spent their whole life in pursuance of weed science and for uplifting of the ISWS.
  • The award is open to all the ISWS life members. The person must be life member of ISWS for at least 20 years at the time of sending application/nomination.
  • The person must have retired from the active service before 1st January of the year of the award.
  • The contributions of the applicant/nominee should have national/international impact.
  • The selection for this award will be based on recommendation along with justification/biodata of nominee from the past awardees of ISWS Gold Medal and Life time Achievement and members of Executive committee.
  • However, aspirants may also submit the application directly for consideration for EC.
  • Based on the recommendations with justification of nominee, Executive Committee will decide the name of awardee.

Award holder
Year Name Photo
2018-2019 Dr. Govindra Singh, GBPUA&T, Pantnagar
2018-2019 Dr. N.T. Yaduraju, Madurai
2016-2017 Dr. R.P. Singh, BHU, Varanasi
2014-2015 Dr. Gita Kulshrestha, IARI, New Delhi
Dr. L.S. Brar, PAU, Ludhiana
2012-2013 Dr. R.K. Malik
2011-2012 Dr. H.S. Gill, Ludhiana
2010-2011 Dr. V.S. Rao, UAS
2009-2010 Dr. S.K. Mukhopadhya, Sri Niketan
2008-2009 Dr. O.P. Gupta, Jaipur
2007-2008 Dr. S. Sankaran, Coimbatore
2006-2007 Dr. V.M. Bhan, Jabalpur

ISWS Gold Medals

The ISWS Gold Medal is conferred in recognition of professional leadership, outstanding contributions and services to the Indian Society of Weed Science rendered by the life members of the Society. One Gold Medal will be given for each year.


  • The award is open to all ISWS Fellows and ISWS Recognition Award holders only.
  • The candidate must be ISWS Fellow for at least four years and ISWS Recognition Award holder at least 10 years at the time of inviting application for the award.
  • ISWS Fellow holder will be eligible, who have obtained the award before 2013 or before 2013 / ISWS Recognition Award awardee will be eligible, who have obtained the award before 2007 or before 2007
  • The contributions of the awardees should have national/international impact.

Award holder
Year Name
2019 Dr. Ratikanta Ghosh,
BCKV, Mohanpur
2018 Dr. C. Chinnusamy,
TNAU, Coimbatore
2017 Dr. Prasanta C. Bhowmik,
2016 Dr. T.K. Das,
New Delhir
2015 Dr. C.T. Abraham,
KAU, Thrissur
2014 Dr. J.S. Mishra,
2012 Dr. V. Pratap Singh
2013 Dr. Dr. (Mrs.) Shashi Bala Singh
IARI New Delhi
2011-2012 Dr. A. N. Rao Hyderabad
2010-2011 Dr. Samunder Singh Hisar
2009-2010 Dr. Jay G. Varshney Jabalpur
2008-2009 Dr. N.N. Angira Palampur
2007-2008 Dr. A.N. Tewari
2007-2008 Dr. T.V.S. Ramachandra Prasad Bangaluru
2008-09 Dr. R.S. Balyan CCS HAU Hisar 125004
2007-08 Dr. Gita Kulshrestha IARI, New Delhi 110 012
2006-07 Dr. U. S. Walia PAU Ludhaina, Punjab
2005-06 Dr. R. M. Kathiresan Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, TN
2004-05 DR. N. T. YADURAJU DWSR, Jabalpur, MP
2003-04 Dr. Ram Kanwar Malik CCS HAU Hisar, Haryana
2003 Dr. R. P. Singh BHU Varanasi, UP
2003 Dr. L. S. Brar PAU Ludhiana, Punjab
2003 Dr. Govindra Singh GBPUA&T, Pantnagar, Uttrakhand
2003 Dr. C. M. Singh HPKVV, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
2001 Dr. J.S. Kolar PAU Ludhiana, Punjab
2001 Dr. S.V.R. Shetty Hyderabad, AP
1998 Dr. S.K. Mukhopadhyay West Bengal
1998 Dr. O.P. Gupta Rajasthan
1997 Dr. S. Sankaran Tamilnadu
1997 Dr. K.S. Sandhu PAU, Ludhiana, Punjab
1997 Dr. V.M. Bhan Madhya Pradesh
1997 Dr. G.B. Singh Uttar Pradesh
1993 Dr. K. Krishnamurthy Karnataka
1993 Dr. V.S. Mani Delhi
1993 Dr. Bibhas Ray Maharashtra

ISWS Special Recognition

This award is given to ISWS Life member for their significant contribution in weed Science or their significant contribution to ISWS by way of doing exemplary work for the Society. No applications are invited for this award. This award is based on the recommended by Executive Committee.

Award holder
Year Name Photo
2018-2019 Dr. JC. Majumdar
2018-2019 Dr. C.M. Singh
2018-2019 Dr. S.V.R. Shetty
2016-2017 Dr. Mayank Yadav, Hyderabad
2014-2015 Dr. Bibhas C. Ray, New Delhi
Dr. Devraj Arya, RML AgTech (P) Ltd.
Dr. Dr. Bhagirath S. Chauhan, Australia
2011-2012 Prof. R.K. Ghosh, BCKV,Mohanpur, WB
2010-2111 Dr. A.S. Rao, Guntur
2009-2010 Dr. C.B. Gaikwad Rahuri
2008-2009 Dr. C. Chinnusamy Coimbatore
2007-2008 Dr. Sushilkumar Jabalpur

ISWS Fellowships

The ISWS Fellow is conferred in recognition of professional leadership, outstanding contributions and services to the Indian Society of Weed Science rendered by the life members of the Society. Three ISWS Fellows will be given for each year.


  • The award is open to all Indian Scientists, who have worked /working, in India/ Abroad, in the field of Weed Science.
  • The candidate(s) must be a Life Member of the ISWS for at least 10 years at the time of inviting nominations for the award. (Applicant should be a life member of the Society before 31 December, 2008)
  • The contributions of the awardees should have National /International impact.
  • The candidates should be of the rank of Associate Professor/Senior Scientist or above with at least 7 years’ experience or Asstt. Professor / Lecturer/Scientist with not less than 15 years’ experience.

Award holder
Year Name
2019Dr. Malay K. Bhowmick,
2019Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh,
BHU, Varanasi
2018Dr. Basudev Behera,
OUAT, Bhubaneswar
2018Dr. Parvender Sheoran,
CSSRI, Karnal
2018Dr. Makhan S. Bhullar,
PAU, Ludhiana
2017Dr. D. Subramanyam,
Dr. B.D. Patel,
Dr. Virender Sardana,
2016 Dr. G.N. Dhanapal,
Dr. Anil Kumar,
Dr. P.K. Singh, ,
ICAR-DWR, Jabalpur
2015 Dr. Neelam Sharma,
CSKHPKVV, Palampur
Dr. B. Duary,
VB, Sriniketan
Dr. V.S.G.R. Naidu,
CTRI, Rajahmundri
2014 Dr. Dharambir Yadav,
HAU, Hisar
Dr. C.R. Chinnamuthu,
TNAU, Coimbatore
Dr. Mahesh K. Upadhyaya,
UBC, Canada
2013 Dr. R.S. Chhokar
Dr. R. Devendra
Dr. Suresh Kumar
Dr. Gulshan Mahajan
2012 Dr. Anil Dixit
Dr. Sanjoy Shah
Dr. Guriqbal Singh
2011-2012 Dr. D.R. Arya, Mumbai
Dr. R.C. Gowda, Bangaluru
Dr. Rohitasav Singh, Pantnagar
Dr. R.P. Dubey, Jabalpur
2010-2011 Dr. I. C. Barua, Jorhat
Dr. A.K. Pandey, Bhopal
Dr. T.K. Das, New Delhi
Dr. C.T. Abraham, Thrissur
Dr. Prasanta C. Bhowmik USA
2009-2010 Dr. S.S. Punia Hisar
Dr. D.J. Rajkhowa Jurhat
Dr. V.P. Singh Jabalpur
2008-2009 Dr. M.L. Kewat Jabalpur
Dr. Shobha Sondhia Jabalpur
Dr. K.P. Jayanth Bangalore
Dr. Surjit Singh PAU Ludhiana
Dr. Shashi Bala Singh IARI, New Delhi
2007-2008 Prof. R.K.Ghosh BCKV, Mohanpur, WB
Dr. C. Chinnusamy Coimbatore
Dr. R.K. Pannu CCS HAU Hisar
Dr. K. C. Gautam New Delhi
Dr. Samar Singh CCS HAU Hisar
Dr. A. N. Rao Hyderabad, AP
2006-2007 Dr. (Mrs.) P.N. Ganga Visalakshi Bangalore
Dr. J. S. Mishra NRCWS, Jabalpur, MP
Dr. A. R. Rao APAU, Hyderabad, AP
Dr. Ashok Yadav CCS HAU Hisar, Haryana
2005-2006 Dr. Samunder Singh CCS HAU Hisar, Haryana
Dr. H. V. Nanjappa UAS Bangalore, AP
Dr. Gita Kulshrestha IARI, New Delhi
Dr. A. K. Gogoi ICAR, New Delhi
2004-2005 Dr. Rajender Singh Balyan CCS HAU Hisar, Haryana
Dr. Ujjagar Singh Walia PAU Ludhiana, Punjab
Dr. T. V. Rama Chandra Prasad UAS Bangalore, Karnataka
Dr. O. S. Kandasamy TNAU, Coimbatore, TN
2003-2004 Dr. N. N. Angiras HPKVV,Palampur, HP
Dr. Krishna N. Reddy Southern Weed Science Research Unit
Stoneville, Mississippi, USA
Dr. Ricardo Esteban Labrada Romero FAO, Rome, Italy
Dr. Virendra Partap Singh GBPUA&T Pantnagar, Uttrakhand
Dr. R. K. Singh BHU Varanasi, UP
2002-2003 Dr. A. N. Tiwari Kanpur, UP
Dr. Rm Kathiresan Annamalai, TN
Dr. S. K. Pahwa Hisar, Haryana
Mr. G. Shukla Monsanto, Mumbai
2001-2002 Dr. R. R. Bellinder Cornell Univ., NYC, USA
Dr. Peter Hobbs Nepal
Dr. Megh Singh Univ. of Florida, USA
Dr. Gurjeet Singh Gill Australia
Dr. Y. Singh Pantnagar
Dr. R.K. Malik HAU Hisar
Dr. T. V. Muniappa UAS Bangalore
Dr. N.T. Yaduraju NRCWS Jabalpur
Dr. S.A. Ram Mumbai
1998 Dr. Jai Prakash HAU Hisar
Dr. L.S. Brar PAU Ludhiana
Dr. R.P. Singh BHU Varanasi
Dr. D. Leela Bangalore
Dr. N.M. Hosmani Dharwad
Mr. J.C. Majumdar New Delhi (BASF)
1997 Dr. R.E. Dhanraj Maharashtra
Dr. C.M. Singh Himachal
Dr. Govindra Singh Uttat Pradesh
Dr. Raj Prassad Canada
Dr. S.M. Kondap Karnataka

ISWS Young Scientist Award

This award has been instituted to encourage/motivate young Indian scientists for high quality fundamental or applied research in the field of weed science. The award is open to all scientists in the field of weed science. One award will be given for each year.

This award is from the financial support from LateDr. T.V. Muniyappa and carries a cash award of Rs. 10,000/ and with memento.


  • M.Sc. degree from any recognized University/Institute in India/abroad.
  • At least five years research experience in weed science as evident from the published work in reputed journals.
  • Age not more than 35 years as on 1st January of the year in which the applications are invited and he/she would have born after 31 December, 1983

Award holder
Year Name
2019Dr. Chaitanya Prasad Nath,
New Delhi
2018Dr. Dibakar Ghosh,
2017Dr. C. Sarathambal,
2015 Dr. Ramphool Punia,
2012 Dr. Amit Jha
2011-2012 Dr. Puja Ray
2009-2010 Dr. M.T. Sanjay Bangalore

ISWS Best Ph.D. Thesis Award:

This award has been instituted to motivate high quality fundamental and applied research amongst Ph.D. scholars in India in the field of Weed Science. This is an annual award open to all Indian students in the field of Weed Science working in India or abroad. Only those applicants will be considered for this Award whose final viva-voce examination is completed by 31st December of the year for which the award is applied. The award carries a citation and memento. One award will be given for each year.
This award is from the financial support from Dr. A.N. Rao on the name of his Father late Shree Adusumilli Rama Rao, It carries a cash award of Rs 5,000/ with memento.

Award holder
Year Name
2019 Dr. Amandeep Kaur, Ludhiana
2018 Dr. K. Brindha, Coimbatore
2017 Dr. Maninder Kaur, Ludhiana
2016 Dr. Chaitanya Prasad Nath, New Delhi
2015 Dr. N. Viji, TNAU, Coimbatore
Dr. Nimmi Jose, KAU, Thrissur
2013 Dr. (Mrs.) Masoumeh Yonnesabadi
2012 Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sivagamy
2011-2012 Dr. Mangal Deep Tuti (Joint)
2010-2011 Dr. Mustafa Kunnathadi (Joint)
2009-2010 Dr. Mrs. Ramanjeet Ludhiana
2007-2008 Dr. Puja Ray Jabalpur

ISWS Best Book in Weed Science Award:

  • This award has been instituted for the books on weed science published in English or Hindi.
  • One award each for English and Hindi books will be given during the biennium.
  • The books can be authored / edited, and must contain at least 200 pages.
  • Author should submit a soft copy of the synopsis of the book highlighting the importance of the book as a significant contribution for the benefit of the authors and how it is different from other books already published on the topic. He should also attach scanned copies of front page and back page showing the name of publisher /ISBN no. etc.
  • One hard copy of the book should be submitted along with the prescribed proforma, which will not be returned back to applicant.
  • A Judging Committee will evaluate the books based merit based on the originality, applicability, publisher, and advancement in the field of weed science.
  • Recommendation of the judging Committee will be examined by the Executive Council, which will examine the quality of printing and other content in hard copy. The decision of EC will be final and binding.
  • Application should be submitted through proper channel along with prescribed proforma. However, retired persons may submit directly.
  • The award will carry a certificate and memento.

ISWS Best Book Award (English)

Award holder
Year Name
2018 Dr. V.S. Rao, USA “Principles of Weed Science”
2016 Dr. Shobha Shondia, Jabalpur “Herbicide Residue analysis”
2015 Dr. Bhagirath S. Chauhan & Dr. Gulshan Mahajan “Recent Advances in Weed Science”
2012 Dr. V.S.G.R. Naidu Jabalpur
2011-2012 Dr. O.P. Gupta Jodhpur
2009-2010 Dr. Shobha Sondhia and Dr. Jay G. Varshney Jabalpur
2007-2008 Dr. V.S.G.R. Naidu and Dr. Jay G. Varshney Jabalpur

ISWS Best Book Award (Hindi)

Year Name
2011-2012 Dr. V.S.G.R. Naidu and Dr.Chandrabhanu Jabalpur
2009-2010 Dr. R.L. Arya and Dr. Jay G. Varshney Kanpur
2007-2008 Dr. Sushilkumar and Dr. Jay G. Varshney Jabalpur

ISWS Best Poster Presentation Award:

Posters presented by scientists during the biennial conference organized by the Society are judged by a committee, and the first, second and third prizes for the best paper presented each day will be two such awards for posters presented by the PG students will also be given.

ISWS Student Travel Award

  • 1. Ph.D. students who have completed one year of study are eligible for this grant.
  • 2. The students must be working on thesis problem related to weed science.
  • 3. Five students will be selected based on the academic record and topic for this award
  • 4. Selected students will be provided 3rd AC Train fare at the Conference besides waving of registration fee
  • 5. Students who have already completed their Ph.D. degree will not be eligible for this grant.
  • 6. Applications in the provided format should be submitted through the Email ID of the Chairman / advisor of the student with recommendations.

Award holder
Year Name
2014-2015 1. Ms. Tarun Suryavanshi, IGKVV, Raipur
2. Mr. Saurabh Pagare, RDVV, Jabalpur
3. Mr. Manpreet Singh, PAU, Ludhiana
4. Mr. Shyam Lal, IGKV, Raipur
5. Mr. Subhash Kumar Mishra, MGCGV, Chitrakoot
6. Mr. Tapas Ranjan Sahoo, OUAT, Bhubaneswar
7. Mr. R. Thirumalaikumar, TNAU, Coimbatore
8. Ms. Paawan Kaur, PAU, Ludhiana
9. Ms. Maninder Kaur, HAU, Hisar
10. Ms. Gunjan Guleria, HPKVV, Palampur
2016-2017 1. Anannya Ghosh, BCKV, Kalyani
2. Ashirbachan Mahapatra, IGKV, Raipur
3. Ashu Sharma, SKUAST-J, Jammu
4. Gurpreet Singh, CSKHPKV, Palampur
5. Jitendra Patidar, JNKVV, Jabalpur
6. Kartik, CCH HAU, Hisar
7. Manohar Lal, SKRAU, Bikaner
8. N. Meena, UAS, Coimbatore
9. Neelam Bisen, BHU, Varanasi
10. P. Kumarsein, CCH HAU, Hisar
11. P. Nagarjun, UAS, Bangalore
12. Preeti Tripathi, MGCGV, Chitrakoot
13. Rupareliya Vimalkumar Vrajalal, JAU, Junagadh
14. S. Selvakumar, TNAU, Coimbatore
15. Sahuji Bandyopadhyay, BCKV, Nadia
16. Sapna Bhagat, SKUAST –J, Jammu
17. Sonaka Ghosh, IARI, New Delhi
18. Suman Sen, IARI, New Delhi
19. Vikas Tomar, CCAU, Kanpur
20. Writuparna Dutta, Presidency University, Kolkata