Call for Papers

Submission of abstracts

Starting from March 2018, you are cordially invited to submit an abstract for your planned contribution to the conference in the form of a poster or an oral presentation.

Please ensure that your submission arrives by 31 March 2018 at the latest.

How to submit an abstract

You will have to register first in order to submit a paper online.
After register login your page and submit your abstract.
Everybody is entitled to submit one contribution, i.e. one talk and one poster. To submit an abstract of your contribution, please follow the instructions on the online submission form and fill in the appropriate fields.
Abstracts are limited 400 to 550 words.

Themes: Weeds and Society: Challenges and Opportunities

The conference would cover the following Sub Themes related to Weed Science

1. Weed biology, ecology and climate change
2. Weed management in rainfed and irrigated rice-based cropping system
3. Sustainable weed management in cereals, pulses, oil seed crops, commercial crops, fibre and fodder crops
4. Weed management in fruits, vegetable, medicinal, spices, floriculture crops and landscape horticulture
5. Management of problematic weeds of crops and non-crops situations
6. Non-chemical weed management including biological control
7. Herbicide resistance in weeds and herbicide tolerant crops
8. Herbicide residues, monitoring, mitigation and effect on non-target organisms in weed management
9. New herbicides molecules/formulations and low dose herbicides including nano-herbicides, herbicide compatibility with other agro input etc
10. Socio-economic implications, improving profitability of farming by new techniques, weed utilization and adoption
11. Weed threat to plant biodiversity in forest, wasteland and aquatic ecosystem

Please select the corresponding scientific session where your talk/poster might fit in best.